It’s been awhile  since I have posted anything. I’ve been busy with life, school, raising beautiful children and being and being wife.

For me and my past struggles one of the most important things is forgiveness. The forgiveness we receive from God and the  forgiveness we extend to those who have wronged us in any way. True forgiveness can lift burdens and heal the soul. Why carry hate around when you can let it go?  Let it go and give it to God. Although I have known this my entire life, it’s often hard to do. As humans we are just un-forgiving by nature, but through the love and grace through Jesus Christ we are able to extend forgiveness.

Not only is forgiveness crucial to those who have done something wrong to you, it is important to ask for forgiveness to those whom you have wronged. Don’t carry this around with you.

I’m working on a longer post, but have a lot to do today.



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